The Decision to Self Publish

Why did I decide to self publish my book Antarctic Youth Ambassador: protecting the last great wilderness on earth ?

Sometimes you have a story that needs to be put out to the world.

Getting a book deal these days is hard.

It really is.

The decision to self publish my book was not an easy one to make.

But I wanted to get my story out to the world.

Without waiting forever for a publisher to get back to me with a rejection.

It could take years to find a publisher.

It could never happen.

In the mean time my book would have sat there collecting dust and not being put out to the world like it needs to be.

Because it is not just about my story.

It is also about trying to create change.

Getting young people fired up to create their own positive change.

Encouraging environmental protection.

A book about working hard and following your dreams means that I had to work hard and follow my dreams: hence the decision to self publish.

It has not been an easy process.

Acting as writer, sub editor, proof reader, interior formater, cover designer and marketer.

Especially trying to do it all here in the Solomon Islands.

Up loading my file to the interior reviewer took three days-in Australia it would have taken only a few hours.

It is a great lesson in not getting frustrated.

Trying to get people to help me edit my book.

Waiting for weeks for a forward to come through that never did.

It has been a real learning process, but a road that I am so glad that I decided to go down.

Publishing my book has never been about sales or selling thousands or making millions.

Receiving my first royalty cheque was so exciting: although it was really not much.

Yet after chatting with a fellow writer who is in the process of publishing her first novel with a publishing house in Australia,  I realised that actually my tiny royalty cheque was not so bad.

Publishing a book with a publisher still does not guarantee millions or even thousands in royalties.

Putting together my kindle e-book edition of the book was as big a challenge as putting together the print copy.

Again doing it from the remote jungles of Borneo where the internet speed meant things took far longer than they needed to.

Going through and doing the formatting yourself, including having the resize photographs and then having different kindle versions doing different things to make the formatting off.

Frustrating x1000 and something that publishing houses take care of and normally as a writer you are not involved in.

Not to mention the heat was making my laptop very slow.

The thing is, sometimes you have a story and it needs to be told.

The right editor can not be found.

So you decide to go it alone.

With print publishing houses closing down it is no wonder that so many writers are choosing self publishing.

For me it was the right decision and allowed my story to be made public to the world.

You can check out ‘Antarctic Youth Ambassador’ available in print and ebook form via here


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