Are you really un employed and homeless?

When ever I return home I find the same questions being asked.

Either by friends or family or random people that I meet.

They are the same questions I ask people when I am home.

It seems polite and normal and so you do so.

“Where do you live?”

“What do you do for work?”

The thing is every time I am home (for those few glorious summer months every year or so) I realise that I have two un expected answers to those questions.

Where do I live?

“Right now I am crashing at my parents house. I did live in _____ country and I am about to move to live/travel/work in _____country. But right now I guess I am homeless”

And the response is normally along the lines of:

“Oh wow thats crazy so what do you do for work? You must be a high flyer or something right?”


I love giving this answer.

“Well right now technically I am un employed. Just finished a job in _____ and waiting to move to _____ and I am not getting paid at the moment”

Cue the shock and horror.

The thing about living a nomadic lifestyle is that these things are not as frightening and hysterical sounding as they might be to other people.

I love that I have homes all over the world.

I love being able to move so fluidly and easily.

I love the un certainty of my work or what I do.

Sometimes my income comes from writing, websites, communication positions, waiting tables, cabaret shows or other random things.

Sometimes it is from a specific job contract.

Sometimes I don’t work for a while and travel and run through all of my savings and then start looking for something, somewhere.

I love living a nomadic lifestyle.

I am free.

I am happy.

I am living.

Every single day.

In the words of Jason Mraz:

Well open up your eyes and see like me. Open up your plans and damn you’re free”


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