The Freedom That Comes With Living Minimally

We live in a world of consumerism.

Everyone always wants the latest and greatest everything.

And once it is not longer the latest and greatest thing we simply dispose of it.

Well not really.

It ends up in landfill, clogging up our water ways and damaging our earth.

Years ago I was a consumer.

I purchased things all the time.

Loved passing the time by going shopping.

For things that I didn’t really need.

Because it was what you did.

What the ‘cool’ kids did.

And I didn’t want to be seen as a loser.

Then my love and passion for the environment was re kindled.

I stopped caring so much about what I wore, what my hair looked like and how I presented to people.

It began to seem really superficial.

I started to realise how important it was to be an active consumer not a passive consumer.

To really think ethically about where the item came from, what the production line was like, where it was made and what it was made from.

I no longer wanted to purchase that $5 shirt that was made in a sweat shop in India where the working conditions were terrible.

I wanted to make sure that the chips that I purchased did not contain palm oil from Indonesia where the rain forests are being burnt and orangutans killed just to make oil.

This lead to my discovery of the freedom of living minimally and this was a movement starting all over the world.

These days I can fit my life into a 60L backpack.

Everything that I need is in that pack.

I only purchase new clothes when I need them.

Often times I try to purchase second hand clothes instead.

I try to purchase clothes made from eco friendly materials and that were made in eco friendly ways.

To purchase direct from local designers and artists and crafters.

Coming to the realisation that you do not need ‘stuff’ to make you happy is so freeing.

That you can be happy and content with less ‘stuff’ more so than you are with heaps of ‘stuff.’

Life is beautiful in its simplicity and you do not have to bombard yourself with things to make it better.

It does not need to be enhanced.

Living minimally goes hand in hand with living green.

Not purchasing anything with plastic packaging.

Being an ethical and active consumer.

Up cycling clothes and re purposing old things.

Living minimally is freeing and the freedom is the ability to not be weighed down by ‘stuff.’


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