A Week in the Life of The EcoBackpacker on The Professional Hobo!

A few months ago when I was still living and working in South East Sulawesi I wrote a piece for The Professional Hobo about my daily life in remote Indonesia.

This blog run by Nora is a great resource for anyone wanting to know how they too can travel independently long term in a financially sustainable way.

Each month she runs a ‘Week in the Life’ series about what a long term traveler/expats life is really like.

I was so excited to be featured on there about what my life was like daily in Sulawesi.

It is often one of the hardest things to explain to people back home what your daily life is like when you are living overseas.

Well, being able to contribute to the ‘Week in the Life’ series let me do just that and record what my daily life was like.

You can read the piece here: 


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