Article in South East Asia Backpacker Magazine

SEA backpacker shotThe new issue of South East Asia Backpacker magazine has hit stores today and I am so excited to have a feature in the mag.

After living on the remote island of Sulawesi I have been trying to get more people to travel to this little known corner of Indonesia.

The piece is about the Wakatobi Islands off the coast of Sulawesi, a paradise above and below the water.

There is nothing better than world class reefs, snorkeling along next to turtles, walking along palm lined beaches and sipping a freshly picked coconut in a hammock under a palm tree.

If this all sounds a little too easy and not adventurous enough then let me assure you that after at least 3 internal flights in Indonesia and two boat rides on boats of questionable sea worthiness it is a hidden paradise without the crowds.

Check out issue 32 of SEA Backpacker Magazine to read the full article.


2 thoughts on “Article in South East Asia Backpacker Magazine

  1. you should visit Lampung too.. It’s located in the Sumatra, Indonesia.. 🙂 I have some pictures here : this was my vacation to Lampung a year ago, I went to Pahawang Island and Kelagian Island.. Unfortunately both of em aren’t so famous, people havnt noticed yet while the view are so pretty..

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