My life here in the Solomon Islands

Its been almost three months now since I once again packed up my life and moved to the Solomon Islands.

After living and working on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia for six months I was ready for my next adventure.

My time in Sulawesi was one fraught with challenges, both cultural and with one particular expat who I worked at the same organisation with bullying me to the extent that I had to move houses and almost went home.

In comparison here, I am as happy as can be.

As free as a bird.

It is my first time in the Pacific and I was prepared for island time and coconuts.

Lets just say I have not been disappointed.

Life here is slow and steady and full of reggae beats and blue summer skies.

Coconuts abound and can be used for drinking, eating, husking, cooking or throwing.

Fresh fruit at the markets is always in supply, although you are never 100% sure what will be there each day.

Many people here have naturally blonde hair and I am still three months in obsessed over it.

Hairstyles abound from Afros, braids, short and curly to long and wavy.

Shy smiles and waves from school children every morning on my walk to work.

Afternoons spent swinging in the hammock over looking the ocean.

Island trips on small boats past flying fish to secluded beaches.

Snorkeling on pristine reefs.

Watching Hawksbill Turtles laying on remote island beaches.

Witnessing hundreds of newly hatched baby turtles making their long journey across the sand, to the sea and beyond.

Learning to embrace the rains when they come and wash clean the dusty city streets.

Doing yoga at sunset next to the crashing waves.

Learning to embrace waking up early to catch the brilliant sunrises.

Never getting tired of seeing a magical sunset.

Husking coconuts that fall from the trees into our yard and making coconut milk.

Drinking at least one fresh coconut every single day.

Eating breakfast in the morning slowly, without any rush.

Playing with the neighborhood cat who has adopted our house.

Life here is good, it is my kind of life.

It is relaxed.

There is so much art, music and dance.

There is time that I get to sit and think and write.

I might be based in the capital city, but I am embracing island life and realising that I like this laid back island lifestyle.

Just like I hoped that I would.




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