Tinder: the travelling girls best friend?

So I recently came home from my living in Kendari, South East Sulawesi for six months.
I am the worst at picking up or meeting people.
In fact in the last four years of being single I have also been on probably one ‘date’ and that was with a friend and we just had lunch and I didn’t realise it was a date until after.
Whilst in Kendari one night chatting to some fellow expats I was introduced to the world of Tinder and dating apps.
I suddenly realised that I was on the only one in the room who had not heard of it or used it before.
A friend assured me that I should give it a go and that it wasn’t just for meeting people to have sex.
After some back and and forth banter between my friends and some helpful and unhelpful advice such as both my male and female friend saying that they wait for the other person to make the first move…..wait what? what does that mean? so what do I do?
Well I have come home for a few months and decided to give it a go.
I find it really hard to meet new people here in Australia so I signed up to the app and thought ok why not.
For those who have not heard about Tinder it is basically a virtual speed dating game where you can say yes or no to people purely based on their photos.
The app is connected to your facebook page so the photos get taken from there.
If you like the persons photos then you swipe right, if you don’t you swipe left.
If you both swipe right on each other then you will get ‘a match’ with the person and can then send them a message and start chatting.
If they start being weird etc then you can block them and if you swipe no on someone then they can never access your account or message you.
Interestingly the interface of the messaging part of the app looks very similar to an iphones text message screen so anyone looking over your shoulder might just assume you are text messaging someone which I think is cool.
You don’t want all of the nosey roseys on the train seeing that you are on a dating app.
I didn’t have very high hopes for the app especially as I have no ‘bikini shots’ and all of my photos I seem to be covered from neck to foot for some reason.
But anyway I signed up swiped right on a few people and thought ok lets see.
Well…that escalated quickly.
My phone for the last four days has not stopped beeping with matches and messages from new guys that I have been ‘matched to.’

To be honest I have had some really interesting conversations with a few guys, people whom I normally would probably never meet.
There were one or two tools, one guy who asked me how I was and then said his weekend was going to be great because he was seeing me and basically that I was going to have sex with him because I had responded to his message…..
but otherwise its not been as seedy as I thought it would be.
I have heard that this app is really useful when you travel a lot and you can log into the app and based on your location it will start matching you to people in the area.

So I am wondering is Tinder the travelling girls new best friend?
Can it help those women who travel a lot and therefore find it hard to meet people, meet new people?
The jury is still out, BUT I am going to keep giving the app a go for the next few weeks and see what becomes of it.
I actually have two dates this week from the app, and its kind of scary because its more dates than I have been on in the last four years.
But it also brings back a little bit of that travelling magic into your life.
Taking chances, meeting new people, being a little unsure and having an adventure.
So maybe thats the main appeal for me as a continually travelling woman, having a little bit of adventure in my life whilst I am home that all travellers crave.


2 thoughts on “Tinder: the travelling girls best friend?

  1. I’ve just signed up to Tinder as well, some girls I was dorming with in Nicaragua said it was great to use to meet people whilst travelling. Not really anyone interesting in my small English town though lol.

    1. Hi!
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting on the blog.
      I was sceptical as well but have had some surprising results using the app.
      Hope you have some fun with it, it makes you feel like you are travelling again.
      Great blog btw!

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